Studio DMK specialises in interior architecture and interior design for the residential, commercial and hospitality sectors

Studio DMK

Logo Design

Studio DMK white logo overlay Studio DMK - Eatyard - Beverage Retail Space

The Studio DMK logo is designed to represent spacial awareness through the use of negative space in the symbol. This is balanced with an architectural typeface to create a cohesive brand mark.

"Create Your Space" was originally to be a tagline to appear with the logo however, we felt the strength of the phrase lent itself to being used as a standalone design feature and call to action.

The colour palette of gold and black denotes a sense of classic style, quality and excellence.

The clean architectural form of the logo provides a flexible device for use across any brand applications required by the Studio DMK.

Interior design photo provided by Studio DMK.

Studio DMK interior design logo
Studio DMK interior design business cards
Studio DMK interior design branded cardboard tube
Studio DMK interior design mobile landing page

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