Karol O'Manony Architects (KoMA) are a Dublin and Killarney based firm specialising in conservation architecture and design.

Karol O'Manony Architects

Logo Design and Identity Guidelines

Karol O'Mahony Architects Gold Foil Logo business card

A  strong and identifiable logo was required that would reflect the considered approach that KoMA takes with their projects, a connection with the landscape and quality.

The structure of the logo mark is highly architectural with strong angles making up the initials. The circular form of the 'O' helps to soften the angularity and acts as a device that represents sustainability and conservation.

Colour usage was an important consideration for the KoMA brand. The green and gold colours  give a naturalistic appearance reflective of landscapes and environmental awareness. Gold also represents quality and attention to detail. This is emphasised on the business cards by using gold foil.

Because KoMA produce much of their documentation and communications in‑house, a brand guideline was provided to ensure the integrity of their brand identity.

Karol O'Mahony Architects Logo
Karol O'Mahony Architects Logo on green background
Karol O'Mahony Architects Business Card Design
Karol O'Mahony Architects Brand Guidelines

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