Hibernian Law Solicitors is an award nominated boutique law firm providing a wide range legal services to individuals and companies.

Hibernian Law Solicitors

Brand Identity, Graphic Design and Website

Hibernian Law Logo Design Embossed Stamp - GKDesign

The Hibernian Law brand is centred on expertise, professionalism, service, and clarity of communication and purpose.

Throughout the brand identity these core principles are reflected with a clean distinctive logo that provides a consistent graphic to anchor the identity. Across all brand documentation imagery moves away from the industry standard to give a unique look and feel that proves differentiation.

The overall brand identity denotes experience, expertise and authority while being approachable helping Hibernian Law to stand out in a busy sector.

Hibernian Law | Primary Logo and Wordmark Design - GKDesign
Hibernian Law | Primary Logo and Wordmark Design - GKDesign
Hibernian Law | Stationery Design - GKDesign
Hibernian Law | Secondary Circular Logo Design - GKDesign
Hibernian Law | Interior Conference Room Branded Window Privacy Vinyl - GKDesign
Hibernian Law | Diary and Leather Folder branded with logo
Hibernian Law | Solicitors Website Design - GKDesign
Hibernian Law | Solicitors Mobile Website Design - GKDesign

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