Broadleaf Forestry in Ireland, produced by Coford and the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, is the definitive guide to silviculture and forest management in Ireland. 

Broadleaf Forestry in Ireland

Book Design

Broadleaf Forestry in Ireland Lagan longboat photo

Broadleaf Forestry in Ireland is the development of an older volume called Growing Broadleaves in Ireland. With updated information and the addition of highly detailed statistical and scientific content, the design of the book needed to reflect it's importance in the sector.

The look and feel is that of a text book or encyclopedia with graphs and tables presented as simply as possible to ensure easy reading of complex information.

Photography is used to reinforce technical concepts and interesting historical and statistical facts. Vintage hand-drawn illustrations are also included to for visual interest and to describe specific trees.

Overall the design provides a easy to follow reference to silviculture that is accessible to experienced forestry personnel and to people outside the industry with an interest in the subject.

Broadleaf Forestry in Ireland Book
Broadleaf Forestry In Ireland book elements - cover, spread, dust jacket
Broadleaf Forestry In Ireland book - simple graphs and tables
Broadleaf Forestry In Ireland book - historical interest
Broadleaf Forestry In Ireland book - photography and hand-drawn illustrations

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