Crafting authentic, impactful brand identities and design solutions that tell powerful stories and resonate with your audience. 

Ger Kenny | Brand identity and graphic designer  |  GKDesign

With 30 years experience working in the design industry and more than a decade as an independent graphic designer I work with a broad range of clients. Whether I'm helping a start-up to get their brand identity off the ground or working with an established client to better communicate their message my approach remains the same: be curious, think strategically and creatively, push boundaries, and deliver on quality and service.

Every project is different and requires a custom approach to make sure that the solution is the right fit and that the result will shine. Having said that, working within a well defined process is essential to ensuring a successful result.


Asking relevant questions and using your responses to help in understanding the brand's purpose, values, personality and the general requirements of the project.


This is where we create a brief to map out the challenges of the project and define the key deliverables ensuring your project has a framework to keep it on track. 


With the brief agreed the creative phase can start. The brief provides guidance and structure  but the ideation and concept building can more free-flowing allowing for creativity solutions to form.


Taking the insights gained from your feedback on the initial concepts the creative solution is fine tuned and developed to ensure quality and that it aligns with your vision.


The approved concept is taken to the final process. Toolkits, guidelines, artwork and any other deliverables are prepared and supplied. 


Beyond project completion I continue to work with clients to help evolve their brands so they are in the best position to head off future challenges.

Services include:

Brand identity  |  Logo design  |  Annual reports | Corporate communications | Book design | Packaging design | Web design | Exhibition and display

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